"Alexis has both the swagger and panache to dominate
any genre he sings."
~Nathan Reinking, Escondido High School Choir Director~

"Mr. Alfaro has a strong athletic background and a solid scholastic foundation, both skills which will serve him well in his pursuit of a professional singing career.  With the level of dedication that he shows, along with his natural talent and passion for singing, I am confident that he has the tools to succeed as a professional operatic tenor."
~ J. Craig Johnson D.M.A., USC, PLNU~

“I think Alexis is destined for a great career in opera.”
~ Dr. Cristina Alfaro, SDSU~

"Mr. Alfaro, is a best bet to watch in the coming months."
~ La Jolla Light~

"Alexis has the voice of an angel. Some might
call him a latin James Bond."
~Chike Outlaw and Sam O'donnell (Prop and Hooker)~

 "Alexis has dedicated years to making music himself and to helping others find their own path to music. It is exciting to see him gaining more and more recognition for his talent."
~Dalouge Smith, President & CEO of San Diego Youth Symphony~

"Passionate, realistic interpretations that are captivating and powerful. Alexis' voice fills and energizes a room like a
cool breeze on a hot summer's day."
~ Bryan Balderman, Entertainment Director of Sea World Parks~

"His Voice?!?! Baby-making music. Seriously, going to an Alfaro concert will get you good with the Missus...Everytime."
~ Beau Epperly, legal representation~

"Mr. Alfaro's singing would bring a tear to a man with a glass eye." ~Matt Whiffen, Voted Top 20 San Diego Entrupernuers, 2013 ~

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